Cosmetic gynecology is the most intimate of make overs. It encompasses a group of cosmetic procedures that aims to improve either the function or the appearance of the vagina and labia. Often improving both.
Over time, many changes occur to the vagina and vulva that can affect their function and appearance. Events such as childbirth, trauma and even the natural aging process can significantly change the inside and outside of the vagina causing dysfunction, discomfort and may affect self esteem.

Women often report:
Loose vaginal walls
Large vaginal opening
Vaginal bulge
Long, loose or uneven labia
Bladder leakage
Relaxation of the skin outside the vagina (Labia minor and labia major)
Vaginal dryness
Sexual dysfunction.

Fortunately, many options are available to help women feel and look their best.

Non surgical options include:
Vagina & Vulvar Laser: improve the inside vaginal walls by increasing its elasticity. This procedure requires no downtime and only takes a few minutes to perform. Vaginal laser helps tighten the vaginal wall by increasing the elasticity. It also treats painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, bladder leakage and vaginal discomfort due to menopause.

Physical Therapy: helps with bladder leakage and tightening the muscles of the vagina.

Surgical Procedures:
Labiaplasty (labia rejuvenation):

Surgical procedure to change the size and shape of the labia minor (inner fold) and/or the labia majora (outer fold). Labiaplasty often removes excess skin of the labia or aims to make the labia appear more symmetric.

Who is a good candidate:
Women with long or uneven labia.
Women with large labia that may cause discomfort with normal activities like walking, exercising or during intercourse.
Women who feel embarrassed by the look of their labia.
Labiaplasty is often performed under local anesthesia.

Clitoral hood reduction: removing excess skin fold around the clitoris.
This procedure is often performed at the same time as labiaplasty.

Vaginal tightening (Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation): Surgical procedure to decrease the size (width) of the vagina and tightened the vaginal canal.

Vaginoplasty is used to correct the relaxation or loss of elasticity of the vaginal walls that often occurs after childbirth. This loss of elasticity can results in a noticeable increase in size of the vaginal opening, increase size of vaginal canal and may cause the appearance of a vaginal bulge.

Who is a good candidate:
Women with relaxation of the vaginal walls that may be due to childbirth, natural aging process or a combination of factors.
Women with sexual dysfunction due to vaginal wall relaxation.
Vaginoplasty is often done under general anesthesia.

Perineoplasty: Surgical procedure to decrease the size of the vaginal opening.

Who is a good candidate:
Women with enlarged vaginal opening that is often due to relaxation of the tissue of vulva and vagina.

Hymen reconstruction: Surgical repair of the hymen.