Birth Control Options in Jacksonville


Birth control is any method of contraception used to prevent pregnancy for women who are interested in having sex but preventing pregnancy. Today, women in Jacksonville have more options than ever when it comes to birth control. However, birth control is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, so it’s important to consult with your OBGYN Jacksonville physician to determine your best contraceptive options.


The physicians at OBGYN Jacksonville have access to every form of birth control and take pride helping patients make informed decisions about what is best for their bodies, overall health and lifestyle. Whether you need a traditional contraceptive pill or other solution, we offer every alternative. All of these birth control options are available in our office and are easily obtainable anywhere in the Jacksonville area with a prescription.


Birth Control Options from OBGYN Jacksonville Include:

✓  The Pill – Traditional daily contraceptives


✓  IUDs – intrauterine devices are implanted into your uterus by your physician to prevent pregnancy. The devise can be removed at any time you wish to have a child.


✓  Injections like Depo-Provera: A shot that can prevent pregnancy for three months. This is an excellent method for women who have trouble remembering to take a daily pill.


✓  Vaginal Rings like NuvaRing: Vaginal rings prevent ovulation, and are a form of hormone birth control like injections and pills. The advantage of these rings is that you can insert them yourself once a month.


✓  Birth Control Patches: These hormonal birth control patches are worn for an entire week, so it may be easier for women to remember to use them regularly.


✓  Nexplanon Implant– A small, two inch rod is implanted under the skin and releases hormones into the system. An implant can be worn for up to three years.


✓  Condom – A male condom is a thin latex covering worn over a man’s erect penis. It holds the sperm within the condom and does not allow it to enter a woman’s vagina. A female condom is a thin plastic pouch that covers the vagina. It is held in place by a closed ring at the cervix. It does not allow sperm to enter the cervix. Condoms are disposable after one use.


The OBGYN Jacksonville Team:

Our team of physicians and care professional specialize in providing the women of Jacksonville quality and personalized obstetrics and gynecology care.  Our doctors deliver women’s healthcare in a comfortable and supporting environment, while paying close attention to the individual needs of each patient.


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